Digital assets on the virtual Earth surface
The shape of the Earth is a spheroid.

The world of the Spheroid is a world of augmented and virtual reality around the planet Earth. The world of the Spheroid consists of a limited number of three-dimensional lots with specific geographic coordinates on the Earth's surface.

We call them - Spaces.
What is a Space?
Space is a new kind of property.

A Space is your own lot in a geographic location of your choice inside Earth's augmented reality.
For entertainment, creativity, education and business. In any geographic location of your choice

The world of the Spheroid consists of a limited number of three-dimensional areas with definite geographic coordinates on the Earth's surface.

All areas are private or public property.
There are many questions regarding Spaces… What are the answers?
What can you do inside the Spheroid Universe?
In the Spheroid World, choose as many roles as you like - investor, realtor, VR/AR developer, real estate and advertising agent, artist or architect, rentier, or just simply enjoy your territory becoming more and more interesting during the development of public VR/AR projects in the Spheroid World.

You can explore this new world, have fun, meet people… This is a new territory, where almost anything is possible. You can even combine your territories and create a virtual state with its own rules and laws. Perhaps you've always dreamt of being a king?
Is it a game?
It's something new.
It's a game. It's an innovative social media network.
It's a place for project activities.

Spheroid Universe is an enormous new advertising market where profit goes to Space owners instead of IT corporations. It's a world where advertising is comprised of works of art rather than boring billboards, ads or videos. Vivid, colorful and exciting.
How can I see all of this?
All you need to do is run the Spheroid Universe app on your phone and point the camera at the selected space.
What's a legal definition of Space and what can you do with them?
Space as an intangible digital asset. In accordance with the laws of the European Union the owner has the right to resell it, lease it, donate it, transfer it by inheritance, use it as a pledge, contribute to the authorized capital. One's ownership on the area is unlimited in time.Both physical and juridical persons can own Spaces
What is the Spheroid Universe filled with? What about my personal Space?
Dreams that have become reality. Starting in November or December 2017 all Spaces will begin to fill up with augmented reality objects in order to surprise and delight you. Starting from 2018, you will be able to manage any content in your Spaces.
But everyone's got different dreams...
Spheroid Universe is a contextual world, and will adjust to users' expectations. As contextual layers of augmented reality develop further and fill up with content, they will reflect precisely the things that are interesting and important to that particular person at that time, based on adjustable user settings.
Investment into the future

Buying a Space now is your small, yet important investment into the future, into the new market of Earth's augmented and virtual reality lots.

Each Space has a unique location on Earth, and you can choose an available one at any spot on the planet, with the exception of those that are occupied.

Be among the first, while it's still possible and affordable.

Your Space's price growth outlook depends on its location's revenue prospects for future advertising. Secondary marketplace will be launched in December 2017
Augmented reality is a vital trend in the entertainment industry. It will be gradually filled with virtual objects, games, art and architecture, information and advertising. Private property in the Spheroid World will allow one to save and capitalize on these assets, receiving revenues from their usage.
The gigantic, Cyclop-sized installations that exceed the height of pyramids are conceived by artist Aleksey Andreev and will be displayed in several cities across the world. The mind blowing spectacular event will be launched in early 2018.

Thousands of smartphones, along with professional video and photo recordings will document the event. The collaborative project by Aleksey Andreev and Spheroid Universe, which is creating the enhanced reality of Earth, is one of many signs of the beginning of a new era, the era of the digital reality on Earth.
The world will live in augmented reality in another 2 or 3 years.
It's one of the main technological, entertaining, creative, commercial and marketing trends in the development of humankind.You may not see it yet, but it's factored into your smartphone already, and will manifest in the near future.
Buy a Space now and you will surprise everyone in the future…
Be among the first
Could you ever imagine that you'll own great property in an unlimited number of the most amazing places on Earth?
Give as
Truly unique and original
Enhance your life
And the lives of your loved ones
Invest efficiently
While it's still cheap, because no one knows about it yet
Every day people acquire Spaces…

Purchase a Space by your house, your favorite spot or on a bustling tourist or shopping street.We hope that the places of your dreams or ones pertaining to your interests are still available!
The seller's obligations:
Provide unique coordinates
Provide the Space buyer with unique coordinates that correspond to his/her choice on the virtual map of the Spheroid State software platform.
Register the purchase
Record the Space purchase data in the Ethereum public blockchain, and register all the subsequent ownership status changes there (resale of Space, its leasing, etc.).
Ensure information integrity
Ensure the integrity of information related to all of the Spaces sold and their availability for use in the software by third-party developers collaborating with the Spheroid Universe platform
Provide access to users
Allow all users, regardless of their Space ownership status, to access the application – the virtual map of the Spaces Spheroid Universe that provides an opportunity to observe Space coordinates with reference to the geographical map of the Earth surface.
Develop AR / VR applications for iOS and Android
The first version of the application for publishing objects in augmented reality will be released before the end of 2017.
You will be able to cooperate with other owners according to your wishes and interests. So, part of the Spheroid World community, on the basis of pooling together the rights to use areas, is now building a decentralized virtual state - Spheroid State with its socio-cultural and economic strategy.
Important Information!

100% of Spheroid Spaces are divided into 4 groups checker-wise. This website sells Spaces that belong to only one of these groups – marked light blue on the map. Spaces belonging to another group may be purchased with Bitcoin cryptocurrency on a different website:

Spaces that belong to the cryptocurrency group are marked with gray gridlines on the map. Two other groups of Spaces are reserved for the future, on the map they show up as non-clickable squares with no gridlines on top.
Space in the Spheroid Universe
Spheroid Universe project is based on a revolutionary solution proposed by the Italian engineering company (Jewel+1)! S.r.l.

It's an innovational platform that generates geo-localized digital assets to be used within the framework of key strategic IT-trends - augmented reality development and the use of blockchain technology to preserve important legal and economic information.

Geo-localized VR/AR lots – Spaces - precipitate the times when world-famous historic places, whether the center of Venice, London, or virtually restored Palmyra, will be filled with content – virtual art and cultural objects, tourist information and advertising. Anyone in that spot may then see these objects through their smartphone, smart glasses, or other gadgets, after downloading Spheroid Universe augmented reality apps, or any other app that can accept geo-localization coordinates.

Space is geo-localized software comprised of a unique set of coordinates and a virtual space between these coordinates inside the Spheroid Universe virtual basic VR/AR software platform, combined with Earth's geographical coordinates.

Each space has a unique location, and the territory delineated by its set of coordinates does not match or intersect with any other part of the Spheroid Universe software platform virtual map.
Instructions on purchasing a Space
1. Map view
2.Registration and login
3. How can I pay for Spaces
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